Portia works one-on-one to quickly and thoroughly understand your vision and style. Whether you need a freelance journalist to investigate a story, a blogger to review your latest product, or someone to create well-researched proposals for your next endeavor, she’s your girl. Formal, casual, opinionated—she’s done it all.

With Portia, the content-creation experience is stress-free. Once the ideas are set, you can go about your business and trust that your premium, unique copy will show up in your inbox on time—and you’ll love it.

Service Options
Here are a few examples of how Portia can help you or your business shine.

  • Web writing: SEO conscious content including articles that are tailor made to attract clients.
  • Blogging: Portia’s expertise spans many concentrations including Fashion, Art, Culture, Entertainment, Travel, Health, Yoga, Music, Sports, Automobiles and many more.
  • Print writing: Engaging articles, brochures and handouts.

Writing Fees 
Portia prices each project based on its unique properties. Please contact her for an estimate.



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