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Yoga and Meditation:

Hooked on Vipassana: 10 Days of Silence in Kandy, Sri Lanka  (Published on Elephant Journal)


The Magic of an Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Abroad (Published on Book Yoga Teacher Training)


To Real Adventure Seekers: The Benefits of An Immersive Yoga Teacher Training is For You (Published by Handstand)



Blogposts for OMG! Superfoods:


Number 3 Magazine NY

An Interview with Moby: “Reflections on Art and Purpose”


(Fall 2014)

"Androgyny, Technology, and Fashion Collide on the Lower East Side" by Portia Leigh McGroarty

“Androgyny, Technology, and Fashion Collide on the Lower East Side” by Portia Leigh McGroarty

"Androgyny, Technology, and Fashion Collide on the Lower East Side" by Portia Leigh McGroarty

“Androgyny, Technology, and Fashion Collide on the Lower East Side” by Portia Leigh McGroarty

"Finding Hog Heaven in the Garage" by Portia Leigh McGroarty

“Finding Hog Heaven in the Garage” by Portia Leigh McGroart

"Finding Hog Heaven in the Garage" by Portia Leigh McGroarty

“Finding Hog Heaven in the Garage” by Portia Leigh McGroarty

"How the Other Half Gives" by Portia Leigh McGroarty

“How the Other Half Gives” by Portia Leigh McGroarty


Press Releases:

Film Composer Rob Teehan Lends His Unparalleled Skills to Several Upcoming Films (Published by Inside Bay Area, The Buffalo News, The San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Director Jacob Lundgaard Andersen Looks To The Future After The Release Of His Film (Published in The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Star Tribune)

James Preston Rogers in the films ‘My Daughter Must Live’ and ‘The Masked Saint’ (Published in The Boston Globe, Kansas City Star, San Jose Mercury News)

Los Angeles Band Grit Gears Up To Release Upcoming EP ‘LA Dont Love You’ (Published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, StreetInsider, The Olympian)

Audio Genius Nicolas Osorio Makes His Way In Hollywood!

Band Bio

RAUSHI (Ra-shy) front woman, Dani Raushi, is living, breathing, singing proof that when fueled by the formidable flame of focused passion and an un forfeiting work ethic, a dream seed spark can and will erupt into a tangible reality.

After two and a half years of writing and recording with producer Jay Gordon, and with the hardships of replacing band mates, the LA based band finally finished recording their 11 song album with the help of Producer/mixer, Jay Baumgardner, at NRG in North Hollywood, Ca. Dani’s killer vocals are supported by the instrumental styling’s of Robert King Geiser, Joey Hollearn, Matt Conley and Trevor Nugent.

For Raushi, music is a poetic tool with the capacity to take the negative energies that often surround life’s mentally and emotionally challenging situations, which in the case of the new album High Tides Collide involve inescapable desire and overwhelming betrayal, and transform them into positive release. With a lyrical flow comparable to a stream of clever puns, the album unapologetically exposes the raw emotions one experiences when placed in the volatile frameworks of consuming love as a result of human nature. Songs like Over the Edge, Don’t Call Me and High Tides Collide, build a reservoir of anticipatory energy which lead up to their subsequent breakdowns in a way that intensifies the effect of Raushi’s emotionally driven vocals. Formerly of Die Trying, The Prom Kings & April Sixth, Geiser, Hollearn and Conley’s hard rock influences mix effortlessly with the sexy and soulful female rocker vibe that Dani brings to the table. Their innovative ideas musically fuse speedy guitar strums with hard hitting yet rhythmic beats against a back drop of symphonic layers.

The average listener will have no problem grasping the surface messages of each song on an individual level. Using choruses that are snappy and to the point like a quick punch in the face, the group interlaces their form of therapeutic poetry in a way that is catchy, fun and easily relatable. However, with respect to the composition as a whole, it will take a more fine tuned listener to decipher the true complexity of the reality that is building slowly under the radar as the album progresses. But then again, isn’t the process of extracting hidden meaning, and experiencing the succession of new information as it’s layering, partially responsible for the fulfillment one derives from enveloping themselves in an album over and over again?

With their ‘Take no shit’ attitude and songs that say ‘F*ck You’ to being mistreated, fooled, taken for granted or all of the above just because you love someone, Raushi is a testament to the power of one’s will. (Addition accompaniment added to the album by Ben Moody who composed strings on acoustic songs, He’s Trying To Save Me and This Time and bassist(s) Doug Ardito, of Puddle Of Mudd, and Jay Gordon, of Orgy and guitarist Shaun Morgan of Seether.)

Published Articles

Tar Balls on Florida’s Beach Prove Catastrophic to Economy For the majority of people living in the United States the catastrophic oil break that busted into the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010 has brought only minor changes to their daily lives, if any at all. However, for the left over lives who populate the areas directly affected by the MC252 spill, the world has been turned upside down. While oil from the spill continues to tarnish shores and suffocate marine life throughout the Gulf, in cases like that of Perdido Key, Florida, it has brought a cancer to the local economy as well. “I don’t know how to explain it, things are just different, I mean there should be traffic on the Gulf Coast, instead it’s practically empty,” said 20 year-old Ian Mayes, a Perdido Local. “Before the spill there would be coach buses just lined up and down the Pheonix Hotels taking in students and travelers.” For locals living in an area referred to by many as a resort town, like the majority of Florida’s southern stretching coastal communities, tar balls on the beach are making it virtually impossible to make ends meat….

Read More.

Unkept Promises Leave Oil Spill Clean-Up Workers Unemployed

In an effort to keep the local economy afloat British Petroleum set up the Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) program to help keep fishermen and other locals whose professions depended on the gulf employed by involving them in the cleanup efforts. The program had captains and their deck hands run through a three-day 40-hour HAZWOPER training course before springing them loose on contaminated waters. “They told us to start off it would at least go to January or February, and that it would probably end up lasting two to three years for some people,” said 23 year-old fisherman and now Bp boat worker Trip Curry. However, to the dismay of boat and beach cleanup workers alike, the jobs have only lasted a fraction of what was originally predicted. To folks in the states along the gulf whose livelihoods have been most heavily affected by the spill it is…

Read More.

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